Slice of Hope 

Against all logic, I still have hope. 

Hope that it’s all worth it. 

Hope that I’ll have many failures that lead to success. 

Hope that I’ll never lose my desire for learning. 

Hope that my passion will continue to ignite my creativity.

Hope that I’ll see the beauty that others see within me. 

 Hope that I’ll continue to change lives and leave a lasting impact on people and places around me. 

Hope that I’ll grow, explore, and never lose my sense of wonder (yes, that is an “I Hope You Dance” quote). 

Hope that I will continue to have amazing friends in my life. 

Hope that my family will continue to grow together.

Hope that you will find peace within yourself and answers to all your questions. 

Hope that you wake up every morning knowing there is someone who cares for you. 

Hope that  your life is full of love, laughter, passion, and happiness. 

Hope that  you never take for granted those who love you. 

Hope that you have the strength to continually rediscover yourself, your desires and passions. 

Hope that lasts you until next March. 

It’s been a wonderful journey, thank you for being apart of it-all the way to the last slice. 


One comment

  1. confessionsofarealteacher · April 1, 2017

    This is beautiful. I love it.


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