Role Model 

Ever have one of those moments when you lay down, not expecting to fall asleep, but you do, and you wake up when it’s pitch black and you have no idea what time it is or what day it is? 

Well, that was me about 10 minutes ago. 

I spent today hanging out with two awesome kiddos and one of my biggest role models, their mother. Their mother, Kate, used to babysit me and my brothers for most of our childhood. I grew so attached  to her that I made babysitting me something out of a horror story for anyone else. Yes, I was a huge brat. Kate taught me many things while babysitting me, probably a lot more than I realize, but here’s one I always remember:

If you jump in the same place over and over again you’ll fall through the floor and get stuck. 

Kate went off to college to become a teacher and many years later I followed in her exact footsteps. I went to the same schools and earned similar degrees. During the time she was teaching, I would help her grade, work in her classroom, and even got to meet her students. She was everything I wanted to be. She even moved to Portland, which was my “I’ll move here after college” plan. 

Many years later, here we are…still in touch and still getting together. Spending time with her and her kiddos is one of the most wonderful gifts life could’ve given me.  How amazing is it that 24 years later we are still in each other’s lives? She is still one of my greatest role models. 


One comment

  1. readwriteteachmakedinner · March 30, 2017

    Lovely!!! And you TOTALLY should write the story of getting stuck in the floor…I’m dying to hear that one!


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