Power Hour

90’s Power Hours.

If you don’t know, a Power Hour is an hour long Youtube video made up of a compilation of themed songs. In tonight’s case, those songs were all songs played during the late 90’s and early 2000’s. These songs only last a minute or less and are separated by a cartoon image of a hand opening a can. During that time, the people playing the game are to take a drink of their “pop”.

90’s Power Hours are my favorite. Not only because of the songs they play, but because of the memories they reignite. I think it’s absolutely crazy how I can remember the lyrics of a song that aired when I was in my early teens, but I can’t remember what I need to do tomorrow or what I ate last night.

Coming down 

This past weekend was beyond amazing. I saw four of the greatest people in my life, relived the “glory days”, and ate my favorite food in the world. 

As happy as I was today to wake up in my bed, have my own bathroom back, and feel at home, throughout the day I had this blah feeling. Blah is truly the best way to it. 

 I felt more like my happy self this past weekend then I’ve felt in a long, long time. I wasn’t worried about work or other adult things that had started to consume my life. I was living in the moment and finally felt like I could just be me. 

Today, it was back to reality. Luckily, I didn’t have to work, but that almost made coming down from this high even more difficult. 

Maybe I need to change my day to day in order to feel that natural high more often. 

Brief Spontaneous Adventure

Total hours driving: 6.5 
Old friends we saw: 2

Alumni College buildings we walked through: 4

Amount of Thai food consumed: $45 

Today, my friend (who I talked about in my last post) and I decided to drive to our old college town instead of going home. It was the best decision we could’ve made. 

Seeing old friends, eating Thai, and walking through campus was just what we needed to top off this adventurous weekend. 


I met my soulmate in college.

I was wandering Buzzard Hall looking for my class. I had already walked up and down the hall when I saw a girl I had never seen before.

Growing anxious that I was going to be late to this class even though I was still 10 minutes early, I nervously approached this girl. I somehow was able to get the words out to ask if she knew where this class was and to my surprise, she was also in this class. We walked in together and I sat down next to her.

I don’t exactly remember how that moment turned into spending almost every day together for the rest of college, but it did. This girl became my best friend, my support system, my partner in crime, my travel buddy, and my soulmate.

That one moment in a hallway changed the rest of my college experience. Actually, that moment changed my life. I have the best, best friend in the world. She gets me more than I get myself. She lifts my spirits with just a “hello”. She listens to my rants, gives perfect advice, and tells me what I need to hear and not what I want to hear. She compliments my weird. I could go on for hours, but she’s sitting next to me and we need to get back to hanging out with our friend (also from that class).

Soulmate is really the only way to describe her.





Nothing’s Changed

It’s very difficult to concentrate right now.

I picked up my best friend after school and drove down to Springfield to see our friend from college that we haven’t seen in 4 years.

It’s such a good feeling to be sitting with these people who were along side me during some of the best years of my life.

How amazing is it to see someone after so long and it feels like nothing has changed.




It’s past 10 o’clock. I forgot to write yesterday and my mind has been several other places today. 

So, I’ll leave you with a picture celebrating 3/21, World Down Syndrome Day. ♡ I promise I’ll get back on my blogging game tomorrow. 


One day I took this personality quiz. It’s a famous one apparently. My brother, home from college, told me I needed to take it. I guess people have been using their personality letters as hashtags. I still don’t understand this hashtag thing…I’m pretty sure I use #love for everything.

Any who, it’s a pretty in depth personality test. My results?  INFP, oh wait, #INFP… A.K.A. I’m a “Mediator”. Who knew that only 7% of people who took this test are mediators? I surely didn’t.  As I read the many, many pages of information about this personality type, I started to agree out loud; “yup….oh goodness….hello, that’s me….oh boy”. Here’s what stood out to me:

“If they are not careful, INFPs can lose themselves in their quest for good and neglect the day-to-day upkeep that life demands.”

“Their unshaken belief that all people are inherently good, perhaps simply misunderstood, lends itself to an incredibly resilient attitude in the face of hardship.”

“INFPs often take their idealism too far, setting themselves up for disappointment as, again and again, evil things happen in the world.”

“… it’s as though INFPs like the idea of human contact, but not the reality of social contact.”

“INFPs take the time to understand those they care about, while at the same time helping them to learn, grow and change.”

These are only 5 sentences out of an 8 part explanation and although I didn’t agree with every section, the parts I did agree with provided me with this sense of reassurance of who I am and a possible reason for why I am the way I am.

Take the quiz (link below) and let me know what you think! I’m still skeptical. Anyone could relate to any personality in some sense, but if you go in with an open mind, you may just find out something new about yourself!

100 questions. Don’t think, just click. 7 minutes tops.

16 Personalities – Click here!